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What is VOVM:

172Voice of the voiceless is a voluntary organization and an approved group within the Catholic Church that prays, preaches the word of God, and carries the Most Blessed Sacrament in Adoration with praise and worship songs as our evangelising method for outreach.

It has existed for a number of years and undertakes the spiritual formation of its members through prayer, retreats, pilgrimages and pastoral and charitable activities.

The ministry prays for people suffering different sickness and various hardships. It is a support ministry to help those in need and who have no voice. Especially the lepers and people suffering HIV/AIDs.

VOVM as an organization and a ministry was formed according to the charisma and spirituality of the late Pope John Paul II. VOVM was founded through the Initiative of Fr Nicholas Nweke on 17 December 2006, under the Permission and approval of Most Rev Barry James Hickey, the Archbishop of Perth, Western Australia.

Who are we?

Clipboard-20160408We are group of men, women and youths of good will. Supported by priests, who in the spirit of JPII encourage the people of God to be a voice to the voiceless..

With a foundation of prayer and scripture study, VOVM seeks to reach out to people both locally and abroad through personal connections, as the late Pope John Paul did as a Pontiff.

In the letter of Archbishop Barry James Hickey, in his Statement of Recognition, he said, “It is my hope that the organization will attract more members willing to grow as Christian people with a keen sense of service, especially towards those who may need a voice or a hand”. Welcome to our Ministry